Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Hello there!

My name is Mira. I am Pinay, semi-spoiled wife, working mom of 3, coffee and planner addict, beauty rookie, and aspiring blogger. 

I used to have a blog but I stop updating it since March 2014 because my netbook broke down and I felt I became too busy when I had a new role at work. Unfortunately, I have decided to delete it and start a brand new one, hoping to have followers and gain opportunities again.

Why "Pinay Super-Mom"?
As Miriam Webster defines it, "Super Mom" is a woman who raises a child and takes care of a home while also having a full-time job. I just added "Pinay" to make it more personalize. 

This blog will contain my random ramblings about my work-life balance. As I stated earlier, I hope to have followers and gain different opportunities again like I used to have on my first blog. I am also looking forward to meet new online buddies to share common interest. 

I am very excited about this; having a new blog that I promise to keep until I grow old.

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