Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How I Overcome Failure at Work

I am sad since yesterday because I failed...

There's a task that was assigned to me at work and I failed; I wrongly advised 3 agents about their changed schedule, and yesterday, I found out that 1 of the agents didn't come to work because I didn't set correct expectations. 

Experience is the best teacher. I don't want to blame anyone, the situation, and even myself. I need to move forward, learn from what happened, and be positive. According to, Failure is given in life; expecting to sail through without hiccups is unrealistic

Lesson Learned:
1. Accept Your Mistakes
Find out what you did wrong. This will enlighten and glide you to the right path.

2. Stay Focus
Set your priorities. When you're at the workplace, don't think about anything at home, unless it's an emergency that needed your full attention, then it's the time you need to shift gear.

3. Avoid Self-Comparison
This will worsen the situation and what you feel. Always think that nobody's perfect and every one made mistakes in some point of their lives. 

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4. Create an Action Plan

You need to think of ways that you need to do to avoid the same mistake.
Here's mine:
  • Write the task that was assigned to me, added to my To-Do List.
  • Knowledge-Check. I will make sure that I am clear and understood to avoid confusion.
  • Put a mark if the task is complete or needs follow-up.
5. Lastly, Be Positive.
Don't resign! haha Come to work, sincerely apologize to the affected people, explain your mistake and the things that you'll do to avoid the mistake in happening again. And, Move On!

How about you? Is there a point your life at work where you fail? How did you overcome it? Please share your thoughts.

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